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About Us...

A little bit of history about where we've come from and what we've done.


About Us

Andrew and Michelle were first introduced to spa hot tubs in 1995 whilst living in Devon on a cold, frosty New Years Eve night when their Canadian neighbours invited them around for a few glasses of wine and a beer or two.

Reluctant at first to take the plunge after the clock struck midnight, we were later convinced after a few more southern comforts to venture out into the dark, cold, clear frosty night and jump into the spa, three hours later we were still in the water amazed that you could sit outside at that time of the year looking at the stars. The following week we went out and bought our own garden spa.

With the knowledge gained from Andrew’s electrical background, spa ownership since 1995 and the supplying of spa hot tubs since 2001 what we try and do is find the best value spas currently on the market, not ones which are cheap and going to fall apart within a few years and not ones which are going to break the bank balance due to them being over priced, but good well built comfortable garden spa hot tubs.

So in a nutshell what we try and do is your researching job for you. We think and hope we’ve got it right, however we do understand that the ranges we have chosen may not suit everyone, just the same as some people buy a Mercedes or BMW and others buy a Ford or Volvo, however one thing we are 99.9% sure of is that you will enjoy a spa hot tub, no mater what make and model you buy for years to come.

  • To date we have supplied and installed over 500 spa hot tubs
  • Been supplying spa hot tubs since 2001



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